Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of medicine and the Hebrew university of Jerusalem signed a cooperation framework agreement

  On the morning of April 6 , vice President of Isaiah (Shy) Arkin from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem in Israel (hereinafter referred to as the “Hebrew university”) , together with professor Rami Aqeilan and other staffs from the school‘s medical cell biology, immunology and cancer research department paid a visit to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of medicine. Vice principal of Shanghai jiao tong university, dean of shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, professor Chen guo qiang met with the guests. Dean Chen guo qiang, and Arkin Hebrew university vice-chancellor , representing each college,  signed a cooperation framework agreement, and both sides hope that the cooperation can have a substantial development.

  At the start of the talks, professor wang , vice President of the graduate school first introduced the guests to the shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, and it historical changes, in the teaching, scientific research, medical treatment and the international cooperation and communication and so on including various aspects of achievement and immune to the basic situation of Shanghai, and she also briefly reviewed our cooperation with the Hebrew university in Israel. The two sides held a conference in Shanghai in December 2014, and in the first bilateral academic seminar, and the conference theme tumor and immune regulation and treatment of metabolic disorders, Hebrew university, invited medical scientists from the hospital to do the conference report. Last July, the second annual bilateral conference was successfully held in Israel. Experts from shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine were invited to attend the meeting and made a conference speech. Since then, by conducting exchanges, the two sides reach a consensus, and set plans to further carry out joint training PhD, short-term exchange students and scientific research cooperation and so on.

  After the signing ceremony, the Hebrew university vice-chancellor accompanied with director of shanghai institute of immunology, professor Su Bing, visited the institute, and discussed with the relevant personnel as to the PhD joint training project implementation plan.

  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Hebrew University of prominent) is The most famous universities in Israel and it is also one of the world’s leading universities. This university was founded in 1925, and now it has seven series and own more than 60, 14 branch research centers.  The school of medicine is composed of five colleges: including the medical school, college of pharmacy, college of nursing, school of public health and occupational disease prevention and control institute. The biggest departments for the school of medicine are as follows: department of anatomy and embryology, application of microorganism, bacteria, human body membrane and ultrastructural study, molecular biology, molecular genetics department, department of molecular virus, slaughter‘s general immunology and tumor immunology, chang, virology center and medical entomology laboratory, and many other departments. The departments also have more research centers, which mainly include the aging research center, diabetes research center, genetic engineering research center, heart disease research and prevention center, infectious and tropical diseases research center, psychological institute for biological studies, etc.

  Attending the reception were heads and staffs from the basic medical college, and graduate school, Shanghai institute of immunology, and heads of the centre for international exchange, international students education.