Bai Jing and six other teachers are selected in the list of " 2016 Shanghai young university teachers training project"

  Recently, the Shanghai municipal education commission has released the list of 2016 young university teachers “Shanghai training project”. And from shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, a total of seven new teachers are selected in this project according to the implementation of the “Shanghai universities young teacher training scheme” method “(the Shanghai education commission [2011] 26 date) and the notice about the implementation of the new teachers‘ pre-service training in colleges and universities (Shanghai education committee [2013] no. 49) spirit, via personal Internet application, school recommendation, the municipal party organization expert evaluation and approval procedure. They are: Bai Jing from school of basic medicine, He Weina, li chun xia, Xu Yan, from school of nursing and yinghui wu, zhou qi and Pan Xiao rong from the department of laboratory medicine.

  ”Shanghai universities young teacher training project“ is organized by the party committee of shanghai science and education ministry and the municipal education commission which is set up by the special training of young teachers and funding scheme. The main funding is aimed at those teachers who work for less than two years in colleges and universities in this city, as a lecturer and professional technical position. The general requirement is that they should have a master’s degree or above, and they do not independently bear in-service young teachers teaching scientific research project. The training period lasts for two years, to give the list of disposable subsidies of 50000 yuan, which aims to help them to carry out the teaching and scientific research to start the work.