Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of medicine, held the first college students' innovative practice competition successfully

  On the morning of April 16, organized by the basic medical school,and medical school students work steering committee, Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine held the first college students‘ innovative practice competition successfully in YiDe Building. Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, deputy dean, Hu Yi Qun,attended the meeting and delivered a speech; Tongji university school of medicine, dean guo tong xu, rui zhe qian, vice President of the basic medical school of fudan university, Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, the development of science and technology, director Ding Jian qing, party secretary of basic medical college chen hong, student work steering committee, deputy secretary general Liu Tian fa worked at the scene as judges and other experts were invited to judge a face-to-face thesis; In addition, Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, deputy director of the office of the student affairs Mei Wen Han, hai yan zhu, wang ying, vice President of the graduate school of medicine branch, xiao kui guo, vice President of the basic medical college, students work steering committee deputy secretary general Zhou Dong, , director of the office of alumni association Liu Jing jing and other leaders, as well as the college students’ innovative training program, RBL project tutor representatives and more than 200 undergraduate, long schooling students participated in the activity.

  The competition has started since the launch in February this year, inlcuding the gathering of the academic papers, “I and the innovation practice” collection of image works, and getting the positive response of the students. In the end, the selected 40 papers (including 10 after the initial landing contest “paper” link, show another 30 articles for the wall newspaper), 8 group photos, and videos for three. At eight o ‘clock in the morning, the day begins with the display on the second floor to the Yi De Building with wall newspaper. Contestants wearing suits, in turn, show the judges about their projects and introduce innovative practice achievements, with accepting the students’ view, and the atmosphere is warm. At the same time, the player and the audience are also solemnly signing the declaration of research integrity panel under their own names, to expresse the commitment to scientific research and discipline on the first floor of the hall Yi De Building.

  Following the opening of formal competition, Hu Yi Qun delivered his speech. He expected that the students can take advantage of all kinds of innovative practice activities, which are really learned progresses, for the medical cause to enjoy more profound experiences, on how to become a medical workers and formed a more specific style. He also on behalf of the shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, thanked to the experts to visit our university. Then the yiban workstation stationmaster of shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, grade 2013 eight-year program of clinical medicine student Miao Hu iXian led all the students on the declaration of research integrity pledge, with loud voice resounded through the meeting. 10 students report on the stage, in turn, with informative data with vivid language, rich graphs of the process and results of innovative practice, and answer the questions from the judges.

  After hearing wonderful reports, the national higher school teaching teacher, professor xiao kui guo presented a little speech for the students with the topic of “innovation, and grow in the innovation. He combined with the national strategy, reviewed the shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine in college students‘ innovative education teaching and the history of the second classroom activities. Besides, professor guo xiao kui believed that the innovation is the ability for students in shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine to have, and they should also be part of our medical students’ culture; In practice, it is more important than innovation in the process of training innovation growth. Tong ji university school of medicine, dean guo tong xu as chairman of the jury, judged the paper that has carried on the review. He agreed that everyone is committed to solving the problem of clinical scientific research ideas, with the steadfast serious scientific attitude. Moreover,  the truth of the report the scene performance is also quite a ”scholarship“; And then he put forward some suggestions how to further improve the scientific research thinking.

  Finally ,the results were announced in the end with the the awards competition in each group. A special ceremony was held to honor every participant. the low concentration of traditional Chinese medicine radix trichosanthis protein increase A group of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine effectiveness to explore the mechanism won the best paper award, the artesunate research on the protective effect and its mechanism of airway remodeling, the ASIC1a role in acute allergic asthma mice model research, exploration of zebrafish ncx1: Kaede transgenic models and eight other projects respectively won paper award for the best design award, outstanding experiment as well as the award for the best talent; Hif - 1 alpha research on regulation of the expression of KLF5 show 6 projects so as to obtain the wall newspaper prize of excellent works, the tranion factor ChREBP molecular mechanism of ubiquitin modification, such as the nine projects get show features work award; Newborn rat primary myocardial cell and other 7 images won the ”I and the innovation practice“ award for the best photography works, the story of laboratory and other three videos for ”I and the innovation practice“ award won for the best video works. In addition, it was also read taht the ”college students innovation training plans“ list of outstanding teachers, RBL outstanding teachers, and teachers on behalf of the honorary certificate. The great event was finally ended with a picture including all the students who participated in the competition, the distinguished judges from other famous colleges as well as all the teachers and mentors presented.