Professor Shi Yu Fang from Shanghai Institute of Health revealed new type I interferon tumor immunotherapy

  On April 25, the international well-known published online academic journal Oncogene, published a research article from the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of life science research institute of health science, professpr Shi Yu Fang and his team with a paper entitled “Type I Interferons Exert Anti - tumor Effect via Reversing Immunosuppression Mediated by Mesenchymal Stromal Cells” of the latest research results (doi: 10.1038 / onc. 2016.128), and this article intends to reveal the role of new Type I interferon tumor immunotherapy.

  The cancer incidence in China over the years continues to rise. Because of its high mortality, it has now become the major cause of death, with more than 1/5 of deaths caused by malignant tumor. As a kind of important stromal cells, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can be migrated to the tumor microenvironment, and such as interferons gamma and TNF alpha under the action of inflammatory factors. It wiil help to inhibit the body‘s immune system recognition and destruction of the tumor, so as to promote the development of tumor. Professor Yu Shi Fang and his team has for a long time been dedicated to the study of MSCs and mutual regulation of the immune system and its role in cancer development. They had found in the study that MSCs can be used through the release of high levels of nitric oxide, nitric oxide, NO) and recruitment of macrophages to the tumor site, in order to promote tumor growth (Cell Stem Cell, 2008; Cell Stem Cell, 2012). In addition, their research has proved that after genetically engineering to secrete interferons alpha, MSCs can play a role of powerful antitumor (Oncogene, 2013).

  Recently, a doctoral candidate Shou Pei Shun and Chen Jing, under the guidance of professor Shi Yu Fang and researcher Wang Jing, found that, besides its self effects, it can also act directly on the tumour cells. The type I interferon (IFN alpha and IFN beta, etc.) can also enable the MSCs to obtain the ability of inhibiting tumor. Interferons alpha is reversed by MSCs immunosuppression ability. Thus it plays a role of anti-tumor. Interestingly, the interferons alpha pretreatment MSCs can also effectively suppress tumor growth. This has opened up a new train of thought for clinical tumor immunotherapy. Further research shows that interferons alpha through inhibition of tranion factor Stat1 in the combining ability of iNOS promoter area, NO expression of MSCs. Therefore, type I interferon can pass to overturn the immunosuppressive effect of MSCs which effectively activate the body’s immune response, and thus plays a role of tumor immunotherapy. This new discovery in order to further understand the immune regulation mechanism of MSCs, and better for tumor immunotherapy scheme is based on interferon and MSCs, which provides an important experimental and theoretical basis.

  The work is supported by ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences, national natural science foundation.