Academician Zhang Zhi Yuan , on behalf of the academician philanthropism funds , supports and takes an active part in the event by heading west

  On May 4-8 , Academician Zhang Zhi Yuan , from Shanghai Ninth People‘s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine , on behalf of the academician philanthropism funds , supports and takes an active part in the charitable series events of ’care for Ning Xia and devotion to oral medicine‘ in Ning Xia by heading west .

  The academician philanthropism funds are first organized by the academician of Chinese academy of sciences staff -professor rao zi he , and this activity is joint and supported by academician zeng yi xin , academician wang zhen yi , academician Ning Guang , academician wu yi ling , academician zhang zhi yuan , academician Chen yi han , academician Chen guo qiang , academician Chen sai juan , academician Gao Fu , academician Yan Xi Yun , and academician He Jie , including 12 academicians from both the Chinese academy of sciences , and Chinese academy of engineering in their joint contributions to launch special public welfare fund ( February 27 , 2016 , this fund was established in Beijing , and the China Red Cross foundation is responsible for the daily management .

  On the afternoon of May 4 , at the invitation of President Sun tao from ning xia medical university , academician Zhang Zhi Yuan attended the school discipline construction work meeting , and delivered an important note speech about how to the use science , with people-oriented , the construction of subject construction and talent cultivation highland’ . The school leadership , middle-level stuffs , interdisciplinary , science and technology platform , head teachers and graduate student representatives of more than 300 people attended the meeting . In the report , academician Zhang Zhi Yuan pointed out : we should try hard to attach importance to the categorization of discipline development , scientific orientation and interdisciplinary integration , and strengthen to backup the academic backbone training 35 to 45 years old , the young people under the age of 35 reserves ; Besides , it should also be significant to pay attention to and strengthen the graduate student education and pay attention to improve the quality of graduate education . At the end of the conference , President Sun tao from ning xia medical university presented academician Zhang Zhi Yuan with a “certificate of ning xia medical university distinguished professor” .

  During May 5-8 , academician Zhang Zhi Yuan paid a visit to ning xia medical university institute of oral and maxillofacial surgery ward and did the teaching rounds, carried out the cases of free clinics , preoperative cases discussion , presentation aid activities such as obligation . In oral medical ( learn ) school , he again talked to the administrative department manager, department , and director of the teaching secretary , as well as interdisciplinary team members respectively , The clinical teachers and graduate students respectively gave speeches about topics as a “comprehensive framework of stomatological hospital development opportunities and challenges forum” , “oral hospital talent construction and discipline development” , “oral oncology clinical scientific research train of thought and basic research” and “inspirational life : opportunities and challenges , and other series of lectures . On the afternoon of May 7 , academician Zhang Zhi Yuan was still in stomatological association secretary-general Zhao Jian hua in ningxia , ningxia medical university affiliated stomatological hospital dean yong qing huang , vice President of the liu feng, etc. Besides, academician zhang zhi yuan also went to the west of the Chinese stomatological association in ningxia ling wu people‘s hospital which accepted the dental chair bit donors from the red cross organization in the year of 2009 , and all the hospital leadership , middle-level cadres and dental medical personnel attended to the development of grassroots hospital dental that carries on the discussion and communication , and on-site consultation cases .

  Academician Zhang Zhi Yuan fully understands the current situation of the development of the western region of oral medicine and hospital after the actual demand , and he targeted in taking part in the west line of duty aid support activities. In the speech , he said , they should try their best to participate in the west line activities not only confined to a few days of communication , and will be based on long-term , as well as giving full play to the advantages in eastern medicine , for the development of ning xia oral medicine to set up a platform of communication , along with mentoring,and the purpose to achieve long-term cooperation and support . In the spirit of ”academician philanthropism fund“, he said he would set up the efforts advocated by the slogan that ”people can also donate money , while they also can donate intelligence and technology“ . With the spirit , all participants can make the participation of ”philanthropism fund“ active in many forms , with multimode participation of public welfare projects, which is designed to be fully committed to the western humanitarian causes .