The formal establishment of The Shanghai children's hospital of pediatrics medical association

  On May 10, “the Shanghai children‘s hospital ( shanghai children’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine ) association of pediatric medical” gave nameboards signing ceremony. Shanghai health and family planning commission director WuJingLei , Chen guoqiang, vice President of Shanghai jiao tong university, dean of shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine , and jing ‘an, putuo, jiading, changning four area deputy district directors in charge of health and other leaders attended the ceremony.

  The consortium centers at shanghai children’s hospital in Shanghai as the core, with the joint district,including putuo district, jiading district, Shanghai‘s changning district four district health development planning commission, to join hands in four areas to reduce the secondary medical institutions with the establishment of sixteen local hospitals . And it is the city’s first area with more collaboration, as a whole in the running of pediatric medical association. Pediatric couplet member unit includes a district central hospital, jing ‘an district zhabei central hospital, shibei maternity and child care hospital , jing ’an district of Shanghai, jing ‘an district, putuo district central hospital, putuo district people’s hospital of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, liqun, putuo district hospitals, health care of penetration, putuo district, jiading district, central hospital, jiading nanxiang hospitals, maternity and child health care hospital of anting, jiading district, jiading district, Shanghai jiading district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, tongren hospital, changning district maternal and child health care. “Pediatric couplet member unit” will get the most out of pediatric medical resources use efficiency and radiation effect, improve the regional pediatric medical service ability, better for children to provide a safe, effective, cheap and full, continuous medical services.

  As early as in 2012, in order to effectively solve the problem of the existing medical pediatrics, the implementation of the Shanghai health development planning commission on strengthening the obstetric and pediatric medical institutions notice service ability construction of the spirit, and actively support the community on the outskirts of grassroots medical services in pediatrics, shanghai children‘s hospital affiliated to shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine in November 2012 the first Shanghai pediatrics joint team was set up, putuo Shanghai children’s hospital pediatric joint team .And on this basis, respectively, was established in June 2014 and September the jiading pediatrics joint team and jing ‘an pediatric united team. Pediatric united team in the past three years, the management actively explore the pattern of “two unity, as a whole”, namely centralized pediatric medical staff in business management, unified specification, overall using pediatric beds, co-ordinating personnel, actively promote experts counterpart, two-way referral, resource sharing, information sharing, personnel training and scientific research cooperation and so on six big measures, coordinated development, has achieved initial success.

  Since pediatrics joint team building was completed , the Shanghai children’s hospital affiliated to shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine of selected intensive medicine, pediatrics, respiratory and digestive department new, child health advantages of disciplines as the key direction of pediatrics joint team building, actively promote the professional docking. Each counterpart hospital expert, spend every two weeks in corresponding to the hospital to carry out the fixed-point operation guidance and business lectures, and guide the hospital to discuss difficult cases. By the end of 2015, a total of conduct expert rounds of more than 2400 cases, cases consultation of more than 500 cases, received transport critically ill children with more than 800 over 1500 referral of children, child care clinics. Pediatrics joint pediatric medical personnel training team organization of more than 30 times, hospitals participation more than 60 people.

  With the development planning commission, the Shanghai shenkang hospital development center in Shanghai, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, conducted care and guidance, to the Shanghai children‘s hospital affiliated to shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine which was on the basis of building a joint team of three, according to the requirements of the planning, joint jing ’an, putuo, jiading, changning district coordinated development of regional pediatric medical association. They are working hard to undertake always, create a better future, and create healthy brand, as well as benefiting the children in Shanghai.

  It is understood that the next phase of couplet of pediatric unit of gravity will focus on the following aspects: one is based on “staff training”, and set up a special fund, for a line of pediatric medical personnel at the grass-roots level training, to improve grass-roots pediatric ability; Secondly, it is “demonstration of outpatient service” and “two-way flow”, and communities to promote child common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment service homogeneity; Thirdly, the principle is the critical neonatal transport, with the children‘s severe emergency as the key point, and open emergency green channel; Fourthly, it is the neonatal disease screening, and high-risk infants developmental follow-up intervention, children’s accidental injury prevention, as well as scoliosis screening programs, promote children‘s area of public health service; Fifthly, it is hug “Internet +”, explore joint regional medical information sharing, resource sharing, promoting Internet child health services.

  “The Shanghai children’s hospital (children‘s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine) pediatrics medical association” after operation, will gradually form the coordination mechanism of regional coordination, clear division of responsibilities, and use effective integration of regional pediatric resources,  in orderto get the most out of high-quality pediatric resources use efficiency, and to promote the ability of the pediatric services in this municipality.