The 2016 Pujiang pediatric forum was successfully held

  Supported by the Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, Shanghai children‘s medical center affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, “2016” pujiang pediatric forum was successfully held on June 24-25 in the pudong district of Shanghai. Vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, member of Chinese Red Cross association, President Chen zhu, sent a special congratulatory letter. The former minister of state ministry of health maternal and child health association, zhang wenkang, the current general assembly President, academcian of Chinese academy of sciences, dean of Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor Chen guoqiang, Shanghai party secretary of health and family planning commission, Ms Huang Hong, Shanghai shen-kang hospital development center, deputy director Guo Yongjin delivered a speech respectively. The conference invited national health development planning commission, general director of the department of maternal and child health services Qin Geng, national health and family planning commission medical hospital authority deputy bureau Jiao yahui, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor of pediatrics,foreign academician of the American medical academy of sciences, Shen xiaoming, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, pediatric translational medicine research institute chief expert, Pei Zhengkang, foreign academician of Chinese academy of engineering, the CDC director before officials in the United States, the newly elected world health foundation President Dr. Thomas Kenyon and vice President jeffery. Burns from No.1 hospital in the US, Boston children‘s hospital, delivered the keynote reports. More than 1200 people consisting of academician, scholars from home and abroad, pediatric clinical experts, basic and clinical research and hospital management experts gathered, together to sharepediatric diagnosis and treatment technology, prevention and intervention, health management and transformation of modern hospital management, and other new ideas, new exploration, new technology and new achievements in the world. This is the biggest event in the pediatrics field of Shanghai jiaotong university.

  This forum tightly sticks to national policy, around the “healthy children, better future” theme. The forum is composed of eight aspects of multiple disciplines and academic exchanges in many areas. The forum focuses on two main lines: one is about birth defects, malignant tumor, developmental behavior such as the major disease problems affecting China’s children‘s physical and mental health, explore the prevention, diagnosis, which is based on the transformation of medical intervention and treatment of precision medical problems; And the second is centered on the discipline of hospital management and personnel training, performance evaluation and refinement management and pediatric association construction and key in the development of children’s hospital issues such as grading diagnosis, epistemology and methodology of brainstorming.

  The forumis equipped with international vision. 2015 UN targets at sustainable development, pointing out that the future 15 years in the world is the attention to children‘s health which will focus more on child development than survival. From the world health foundation,a global perspective of children’s health were reviewed. The world has made great progress in reducing child mortality by 47% since 1990. Public health interventions have contributed to reducing child mortality, but the pollution of the environment (such as lead pollution, waste pollution, air pollution, second-hand smoke) has become a threat to children‘s health. The world health organization and UNICEF will undertake every newborn “action plan”, which will be carried out by delivering quality service and special care for newborn. They believe it can prevent the newborn and child mortality. At the same time, they call for attention to public health in pediatrics and child health funds investment. America’s No.1 children‘s hospital, Boston children’s hospital brought the world‘s top trajectory experiences. This is meaningful to the management and development of domestic children’s hospital to give much enlightenment.

  Focusing on national pediatric policy, Shanghai accelerated the development of the children‘s health, strengthen the pediatric medical resource allocation, improve the children’s health service quality and levelduring the “twelfth five-year” plan. At present, there are a total of 179 pediatric clinic services in Shanghai, with the total of 3600 beds, and 3205 registered pediatricians. But we still face bottlenecks and large child health service demand. Much starker choices-and graver consequences are the core tasks for the development of the pediatric field to improve children‘s health service capacity, and to stable talent team. The city will be equipped with 50 standardization demonstrative pediatric this construction projects, and 1500 new pediatric beds; The implementation of the screening examination of diseases of newborn includes service projects, such as strengthening the public health service and speeding up the cooperation committee, national children’s medical center, Shanghai center of diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in children 10 innovation development projects, such as promotion of pediatric medicine science and technology innovation ability.

  The conference attracts elites from home and abroad. Their participation has given rise to a group of pediatric development projects. Maternal and child health care association of China established “birth defects prevention and molecular genetic branch youth committee” as well as growth behavior of the establishment “Chinese ADHD prevention and control of major league” and “China council for the promotion of children‘s language majors”; The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center will work with Boston children‘s hospital with a new consensus that Blood oncology research institutions cooperation with the United States should carry out the “rush drench leukemia treatment CART technology” research.

  Executive chairman of Shanghai children’s medical center, Mr. Jiang Zhongyi said, this is a conference with high level, high standard, and multidisciplinary global vision. It also has the Chinese characteristic of pediatric community events. As manager of Shanghai children‘s hospital, Shanghai children’s medical center will play a leading role in this field to further, docking national health policy, and to actively cooperate with the national children‘s medical center planning and construction. It is also important to enhance the level of pediatric internationalization development in our country at the same time. He also thought they should actively explore and practice medical association development model, including the quality of pediatrics resource to the western region and the city community radiation at the grass-roots level. Besides, they need to achieve “common pediatric diseases clinic at the grassroots, save pediatric difficult and critical patients together”. The formation of different level medical institutions collaboration mechanism of pediatric diagnosis and treatment and preventive care for children, has got the most out of pediatric medical resources use efficiency. Shanghai Children’s Medical Center will also promote several big practices. This year witnessed major diseases of children in the city registration system, the application of cooperation center construction. First, we will try hard to promote the city‘s major disease prevention and control system; Second, It’s significant to carry out the youth physical health (new entrance) investigation and analysis, and to explore the physical qualities of children in the city; Third, it is vital to actively promote the slow disease management, which at present has been carried out on the basis of the community management of childhood asthma, and will further become a wider range of diseases, with the formation of specialized subject hospital to the community of new mode of management practice; Fourth, we will actively cooperate with the national children‘s medical center, and promote pediatric international development level in our country.