The graduation ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine was held

  On the morning of June 29, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, 2016 graduation ceremony was held in Shanghai culture square. Shanghai jiaotong university President, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, jiezhang, Shanghai jiaotong university, deputy party secretary, party secretary of school of medicine, xian-qun fan, party secretary of Shanghai jiaotong university, vice President , dean of school of medicine, academician of the Chinese academy of sciences guo-qiangChen, academician of China academy of engineering, former president of Shanghai Ninth People‘s Hospital, Zhi-yuan Zhang, deputy party secretary of school of medicine, wen-hua zhao, vice President of the school of medicine, Hong-zhuan Chen, Mu Chen, Yi-qun Hu, former president of Shanghai second medical university guan-rong Fan, presidents and party secretaries from affiliated hospitals, all clinical medical directors, the tutor representatives to attend the ceremony at the podium. Graduation ceremony was presided over by xian-qun fan. Dean Guoqiang Chen delivered a speech, and Yi-qun Hutook oathfor graduates. wen-hua zhao read a list for Shanghai outstanding graduates and college students.

  A total of 1754undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and foreign students participated the ceremony. In the graduation ceremony, graduates wore academic dresses in good order. College leaders and teachers gave out the graduate diploma, dialed the hat tassels, and took a group photo.

  Level 2013 master graduate Guo Chong delivered a speech on behalf of all graduates.At the end of ten-year hardship of study, she thanked hermentor, classmates and family for supports. Just like her mother, Guo Chong chose pediatrics asher specialty, and she deeply understands the medical advance should be dependent on generation after generation of medical workers to struggle with efforts; She expressed that “beginner’s mind is not change, I‘m lonely, feelings do not abandon, and thus we will not be far from dream”. This was also the the most sincere commitment for every garaduate.

  Level 2011 five-year professional clinical medicine graduates Miao Yu’s mother, madam xiao-yan Zhou spoke on behalf of the graduates‘ families. She thanked the school and teachers who gave the children the strength and direction of flying, and she was also proud of all the graduates. she hoped that the graduates could learn to be grateful, love and hope; lifelong engagement, tireless pursuit; optimistic value, as well as perseverance; and parents will be your eternal supporters.“

  Ruijin hospital chief physician, the principal prize-winner of Shanghai jiaotong university in 2016, Zhengjie as a representative of the medical school mentor spoke of his graduation 34 years ago, and delivered his congratulations to all of the students with long travel in dreams, and put forward the expectation that ” Be the one who is in need“. He combined his own experience and comprehension, and charged students to learn the medical career in the future and to insist on knowledge of systematic, ’interest in study and devote themselves to the long-termresearch; All the students should learn to feel the joy from the treatment for each patient, from leading academic developing value, and fianlly enjoy this noble identity as a doctor.

  Finally, director Chen guoqiang delivered a speech. He gave a speech on the ”pursuit of era progress, with efforts to realize the change of medical students toward doctors“, to 2016 session of the graduates. He said in the past five years, standing on the same stage, he has witnessed the graduation of nearly 8500 graduates. He also issued a five-year ”farewell“ thoughts. He sincerely hoped that the students can be a gratitude, sincere person, stick to the rules, remember tolerance, love, and hoped that the class of 2016 graduates would have a sound wisdom and independent personality, as well as free thought. He points out that medical student is not equal to the doctor. Doctors will become excellent in the process of growth, need to have life as root, and they know that love is the source and dedication for which will not be shaken by the secular humanistic spirit; All the people need to have practical, objective rationality, multivariate equality of scientific spirit; We also need to have rich spirits in culture, self-supervision and self-discipline, as well as unity of noble spirit. He told the graduates affectionately: ”school of medicine will be along with your life. You are looking forward to us and we are your strong backing forever! Let us together, pursue the progress of the times, the power of love hidden deep bottom of my heart, and let everyone become a strong people.He wished to make the medical students become outstanding medical innovation talents!“ Finally he on behalf of the college wished all the graduates a picturesque life.

  During the graduation season, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine medical has carried out the event like ”we are the best mentor and student“, ”poetries of three lines“ and other series of activities. Finally we formed the autograph album of lively style, which was rich in content, fully showed the elegance of 2016 graduates, and at the same time they elicit their love for this school. The serial activities were widely praised by the teachers and students.