Secretary Fan Xianqun met the dean of university of Ottawa

  On the morning of July 1, dean of medicine at the university of Ottawa, Canada (hereinafter referred to as the “Ottawa school of medicine”), Jacques Bradwejnand dean assistant Dr. Wang Yuwei visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University school of medicine. Secretary of the party committee, deputy party secretary of Shanghai jiaotong university, school of medicine, professor xian-qun fan met the guests, and gave a warm welcome.

  At the start of talks, Jacques Bradwejn, mentioned deep cooperation between the two schools, from the first visit of university of Ottawa delegation to our school in 2011, the two sides established Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school projectin 2014, to having new students in union college in 2015. In just a few short years, the two schools cooperated together.

  Secretary xian-qun fan, representingjiaotong university school of medicine supported and thanked affirmation and did a lot of work, at the same time he put forward some constructive suggestions and practicesas for joint medical students selection mechanism. Jacques Bradwejn dean gave a positive response.

  Looking back at the past is to make a better future. Ottawa school of medicine, hoped on the basis of friendship, to further mutual beneficial cooperation between two schools, and put forward a series of cooperation ideas: in addition to Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical project, the two sides expected to expand cooperation in more areas, such as to establish a clinical research center for affiliated hospitals from both sides to participate jointly and to set up clinical scientific research platform. Besides, they wished to carry out the family doctor and high-end hospital management personnel trainings, etc. These ideas got positive response from xian-qun fan secretary. He believes that these are necessary for Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine in the future development. Especially high-end talent can advance togetherwith our hospital management “China academy of hospital development.

  The two sides are full of confidence for the future cooperation, looking forward to this year about two schools comprehensive cooperation agreement. President of Ottawa school of medicine, Jacques Bradwejn also warmly invitedsecretaryxian-qun fan to pay a visit to the university of Ottawa, for further strengthening of communication and cooperation.

  The reception office, international exchange department related person in charge also attended this conference.