SJTUSM tops in national natural science funds among medical colleges in China

  On August 17, the national natural science fund committee (hereinafter referred to as the foundation) released 2016 annual acceptance of application of the results of the project. According to figures released by the foundation, Shanghai jiaotong university got all kinds of projects funded 901, with total direct funds for 508 million yuan. The number of funds continued to rank the first. Among them, SJATUSM ranked top in the medical colleges across the country for seven consecutive years. After more than 500 for the first time last year, this year jiaotong university school of medicine were granted 505 fund project, with a direct funding of 231.806 million yuan.

  In funded projects from our school , the project classification taxonomy, won seven key projects (including 2 items from ruijin hospital,2 items fromxinhua hospital, 2 items from Renji hospital , 1 item from basic medical college), and five key projects of international cooperation (including two, from ninth people‘s hospital two from Xinhua hospital, and 1 item from Renji Hospital), 2 items from science foundation for young scholars, 283 surface projects, 206 youth science fund projects, overseas and Hong Kong and Macao two scholars collaborative research funds. In particular, our constantly strengthening discipline cross continued to be great success. According to the received division distribution, the project covered medical division and the division of life, and also involved mathematical, chemical, material, information and management department. Among them, 459 items belong to medical sciences, life sciences and other division have 37 items.

  In the finance departments analysis of the project, 43 from school of public health, 6 from basic medical college; Six comprehensive top affiliated hospitals received funding for 404 items. Among them, Shanghai ruijin hospital topped in the health system with 90 items; Renji hospital represented a strong ability with 87 items; , ninth people’s hospital, xinhua hospital affiliated first people‘s hospital and the sixth people’s hospital of comprehensive hospital all have more than 50 items; Affiliated hospital and other units have, a total of 52 items. Especially the subsidiary Shanghai children‘s medical center has 17 items this year, and presents a good momentum of development.

  Since 2005, Shanghai jiaotong university and Shanghai second medical university, have given full play to our advantage of city building system, received the multi-party support, for promoting common development pattern of teaching. We have grabbed two “first class”, namely the first-class university and the first-class medical school’s goal which is not to relax, and always adheres to the following special law of medical disciplines. Besides, they intend to follow the law of the development of the comprehensive university guidelines to maintain the integrity of the medical system, as well as maintaining the medicine, teaching and research, they emphasize on overcoming difficulty, making reform, and constantly strengthening the discipline connotation construction, in order to present the good momentum of development. SJTUSM only had 104 items of the national natural science fund in 2005. Since 2007, school of medicine, has started to strengthen the reform and the construction of discipline connotation with the number all the way up, from 2009, 189, 2010, 2010, 388, 2011, until 2012-2014, remain at around 490 a year. And in 2015. SJTUSM had 537 items in all. SJTUSM has always put forward “ensuring quality, and the” subject construction requirements, major in key projects and international cooperation projects to get a good response. But, as the case during the summer conference, dean Chen guoqiang said, we see the result at the same time, that we must have deep understanding to our board and the insufficiency of subject construction. SJTUSM and its affiliated hospital must be carried out on a more positive, more open, more effective talent introduction policy, indigenous innovation personnel training system, for promoting the “double hundred” and postdoctoral incentive plans, which can further attaching great importance to the innovation of development of the group.We have to adapt to the requirements of the state and adapt to the need of the human health and the ability to undertake national major projects, through the innovation of science and technology and health care services, with great efforts to achieve the goal we cultivate excellent innovative medical talents, innovative city of Shanghai construction have global influence and the goal of building world class for the Shanghai jiaotong university to make unremitting efforts.