Pediatric medical association in central Shanghai is officially innitiated

  On September 20, organized by ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, huangpu district development planning commission and children‘s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university, pediatric medical association in central Shanghai was officially innitiated. They will build the establishment of the couplet of the pediatric medical pediatrics characteristics, enhance the level of regional pediatric medical services and ease the difficult problem for children sickness.

  According to statistics fromhuangpu district, in 2015 a total of 223000 people went for doctor for more than 10000 times. In tertiary hospitals, only the ruijin hospital and Renji hospital have outpatient emergency care, and pediatric wards at the same time. They undertook 87% of the emergency services among shanghai huangpu district hospitals and community health centers 24-hour emergency and ward, and pediatric medical resources. So the area lacks pediatric hospital support; Central city pediatric patients are scattered with strong seasonal characteristics; Generally speaking, weak secondary hospital pediatric problem also need to be solved, such as how to provide timely and effective medical servicesfor children in this area and medical institutions need have competent department of common thinking and promote the work.

  Middle of couplet of pediatric medical establishment is achieved according to the national reform of public hospitals and health and family planning commission of Shanghai “strengthening the guidance of the construction of the child health service capacity, guiding spirit, vertical integration”, We have to carry out pediatric medical resources to downtown Shanghai huangpu children professional medical services to provide quality, convenient, and support the development of secondary and tertiary general hospital in the area. Besides, it is also important to cultivate talents on pediatric clinical backbone.

  During the period of “the thirteenth five-year plan”, ruijin hospital pediatric medical couplet body is considered as the core technology. Shanghai children’s hospital provides technical support and training, joint huangpu district within the scope of the secondary hospital pediatric medical resources and street community service center, They explore the pattern of “two unity, as a whole”, namely the unity of pediatrics medical personnel specification, business management and disease diagnosis and treatment as a whole the pediatric medical resource sharing and information sharing.

  Central, couplet of pediatric medical association will be relying on the existing ruijin - Shanghai luwan medical couplet, with early pilot specialized community work, and general hospital of pediatrics and sinking of specialized subject hospital resources. Moreover, they will be strengthening the hospital pediatrician interaction between exchanges and learning, in accordance with the unified plan of the city health development planning commission, the planning and construction of standardization demonstrative secondary hospital in this region. Future, couplet of central medical association will be in the first unit of good cooperation and friendly consultation, on the basis of absorbing area more medical institutions to join, pediatric medical characteristics. They are intended to improve the overall service level, and letting the children go to a doctor is no longer difficult.

  In the signing ceremony, president of ruijin hospital,QuJiemingsaid the unity of the pediatric joint team medical staff business management will help to unify diagnostic standard, used as a whole the pediatric beds and overall staffing mode of “two unity, as a whole”, which will actively promote experts counterpart, two-way referral in huangpu district.Moreover, they will provide resource sharing, information sharing and personnel training, as well as scientific research collaboration through integration of resources, seek coordinated development. It will bring new opportunities to the development of ruijin in pediatrics.

  Director of the Shanghai health and family planning commission, Wu Jinglei said that the Shanghai joint of pediatrics has a long history, and the central of couplet of pediatric medicine contains both the ruijin hospital such a large general hospital, also includes a comprehensive children‘s hospital of Shanghai children’s hospital, which will provide urban pediatric patients with more high-quality medical services, as well as basic paediatric business backbone to create opportunities for study and communication. This is not only a joint in the traditional sense of the medical resources, but also the combination of information, training of joint, joint specification, and standard joint. The pediatric medical enterprise will bring fruitful results.