President Chen Guoqiang visited Canada and lectured in the White Robe Ceremony of Ottawa medical college

  At the invitation of the University of Ottawa, Canada, president Chen guoqiang paid a visit to Canada recently. Xia Jiang, vice President of the Renji hospital, Shao Li, executive director of Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical college, and Tang Hua, director of the department of student affairs were also in the visiting team.

  On the morning of October 15th oflocal time, the visiting team communicated withprofessorJacques Bradwejn, president ofthe university of Ottawa school of medicine on double degree, clinical research and development of the joint education fund activities which carried on the thorough exchange, mutual improving joint medical school education quality, and speed up the way to promote the development of the internationalization of our school. Then, in the University of Ottawa, Chen guoqiang and Ottawa university President Jacques Fremont had a friendly meeting, and had lunch. The two sides worked on how to further deepen and expand comprehensive cooperative relations come to an agreement. As the new President, Fremont highly praised the construction of Ottawa joint medical school of Shanghai. He said he would make greater efforts to support the joint construction of medical school. Chen guoqiang thanked the Fremont for his concern and support, and issued a formal invitation to the Fremont on behalf of the school headmaster to visit SJTUSM in October this year, for comprehensively promoting cooperation between the two schools. On that afternoon, Chen guoqiang met 27 English class students of level 2015 who had completed the English program in Canada. They all attendeda big farewell party for the students and president Chen Guoqiang delivered a speech.

  On the morning of 16th, Chen guoqiang joint large medical school leadership and some experts held a conference call with xinhua hospital. They mainly discussed the joint clinical research centre construction progress and problems need to be solved. Then, the Canadian embassy in China science and technology and education counsellor and invited to participate in our representatives big medical white robe ceremony, director Chen guoqiang were invited to made a speech in English. Ceremony coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival. In his speech, Chen guoqiang from Mid-Autumn festival FAMILY reunion the cultural significance of extended. English FAMILY was interpreted as “Father And Mother I Love You”. And he calls for the motion of the medical students sitting beside their parents to say “I Love You” loudly. He expressed his hope that the two sides gradually integrated into the process of a big family of trust, unity, support and help, which will be driving the progressive realization of our common dream. Looking forward to the future, said Chen guoqiang, president of jiaotong university school of medicine, had a wealth of clinical resources, in the solid medical education on the basis of cooperation. The two sides should further to expand cooperation in the areas of clinical research space. Besides, he sincerely invites the medical students through joint medical platform to China for conducting clinical study, in mutual exchanges.This will promote the improvement of the medical and health security system, as well as world human health. He hopes friends and students to learn, to heart intersection, common progress, efforts to promote china-canada friendship between the two countries last forever. Finally, Chen guoqiang stressed, regardless of national boundaries, regardless of color, white is the symbol of the professional spirit, in the process of practice, the professional spirit of advocating is immutable. He cited a paragraph of Mao Zedong in the commemoration of Norman Bethune, said “a person may have limited abilities. but as long as there is this spirit, he or she is a noble person, a pure person, a moral person, a person away from the babbittry, a person who is always for the best interest of people”. This is the power of medical professionalism. President Chen Guoqiang used his humorous and passionate words to win applauses of full of more than 300 teachers and students, parents for many times, which makes people more interested in SJTUSM. This is beneficial for further promoting bilateral cooperation and communication and it will play an important role.

  On the evening of 16th, delegation left Ottawa forVancouver. On 17th, they were invited to the Mid-Autumn festival fellowship activities organized by the alumni association of Canada. Dean Chen introduced alumni the overall situation of medical development in recent years. The alumni were very surprised at the rapid changes of SJTUSM and were very proud of being a member of this school. They further expressed their wishes to help to the construction and promotion of the SJTUSM in the future.