First international pediatric precision medical forum was held in Shanghai

  On September 23, organized by the Shanghai children‘s hospital (children’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university), Shanghai medical health development foundation, sponsored by the Shanghai institute of child health foundation, the first international pediatric precision medical forum was held successfully in Shanghai. In this forum, chairman of the conference and affiliated children‘s hospital dean guang-junyudelivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Shanghai health science and technology department state family planning commission director zhang, Chen hong, vice President of the Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, specialized, Shanghai institute of child health foundation of Li Zhongyaodelivered a speech respectively.They hoped and wished to put forward for the forum. Over 500 pediatric medical workers and researchers in related disciplines all over the world, participated the event.

  “Precise medicine” is based on each person’s individual characteristics “tailored” to make a diagnosis and give treatment. In 2015, the United States President Barack Obama has officially approved the “precision medical plan”, proposed that congress to spend $215 million in 2016. Our country will also putprecision medical research“ into 2016 national key science and technology projects priority project, to become an important part ” the thirteenth five-year plan“ of national strategic plan. Guang-junyu said: ”the precision medicine is a trend in the development of medicine.For pediatrics, the significance of precision medicine lies in facts that there are a number of cases of a rare disease and hereditary disease. On the basis of the genomics of the classification of the disease were more accurate, more targeted treatment, so the precision medicine is of great value. In the field of pediatrics,the first international pediatric precision medical forum (IPPMF) puts heavyweight for discussion in the field of medicine for pediatric events.

  This forum invited many famous experts in the field of children‘s precision medical development. On this forum, two experts come from the Chinese academy of engineering academician, director of pediatric surgery branch, Chinese medical association members, and from the United States, Australia and other 4 institutions and platform of national precision medical experts.

  This forum is themed with “exchange, share, innovation, development”. After a brief opening ceremony, the Chinese academy of engineering Mshong-yang wangand Mr. yi-taozeng respectively introduced from two angles of rare diseases and tumor and the research status of precision medicine is expounded. From the children’s hospital Boston, Joan Stoler, MD, introduced the clinical use and significance of genetic testing in the clinical treatment. The Chinese medical association of pediatrics branch director, professorzheng-yanzhao introduced the situation of genetic metabolic disease early neonatal screening in China.

  The afternoon schedule is made in the first half of the committee members of Chinese medicine national precision medical platform.Forum chairman guang-junyu introduced respectively from different angles of medical research and progress of big data. In the second half, there arethree foreign experts introducing the precision medicine in neonatal intensive care units, kawasaki disease, pediatric kidney disease of the use of three kinds of people. They are rady children‘s hospital in San Diego LingXueFeng, Stanford university, children’s hospital in Sydney, Australia Finoa Mackie. The day‘s academic feast offers people with full harvest. In the question session, all the experts answered questions one by one and all the participant felt it very worthwhile.

  In two days after the meeting agenda, dozens of domestic and foreign experts communicated and shared around eight points which respectively are: genetic disorders individualized medical testing new technology development, children’s kidney disease progress and individualized treatment, critically ill children life support monitoring and nursing techniques, premature standardization growth monitoring and early comprehensive intervention, the children‘s individual genetic tests and new progress in drug treatment, abnormal sexual development progress of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and related endocrine metabolic problems, precision medical applications in neuroscience.

  Asinternational pediatric precision medical forum (2016 ippmf), expected more of the units and individuals focus on developments in the field of precision medical diseases in children, which will bring more discoveries and surprises.