Clinical nutrition department of Renji hospital found proper vitamin D intake reduced pediatric asthma risks for next genration

  Recently, master graduate student, director of The division Wan Yanping andhai-xiafeng from Clinical nutrition department of Renji hospital affiliated to SJTUSM published an article of “In utero exposure to 25 (OH) D and risk of childhood asthma, wheeze and respiratory tract infections: a meta - analysis of birth cohort studies, which was published online In The world famous periodicals of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and SCI impact factor of 12.48, The Journal Allergy study ranks first in the global journal and fifth In The Journal of Immunology. The study found that the reasonable vitamin D supplements would reduce the offspring of childhood asthma risk.

  Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease, which can cause recurrent wheezing, short of breath, chest tightness or cough and other symptoms. In the world, there are about 300 million patients. Among them there are more than a 15 million asthma patients in our country. Pediatric asthma in 2013, according to China‘s cooperation with survey results from the national children under the age of 14, the total prevalence rate is as high as 3.02% in urban areas. As we all know, the asthma is defined as a reversible airway obstruction, airway hyperresponsiveness breathing, and the diseases characterized by chronic inflammation, the current popular worldwide, and usually begins in childhood onset. A large number of studies have shown that vitamin D levels associated with offspring of childhood asthma, but many research results are not the same; The study also suggests there is a close connection between asthma and respiratory infections. Wan Yanping did strict quality evaluation of the article, which is based on 16 papers and prospective birth cohort. These studies are in the mother during pregnancy peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood vitamin D levels of exposure, the event destination for childhood asthma, wheezing or the onset of respiratory tract infection, the team through the analysis of complex heterogeneity, hierarchical analysis, sensitivity analysis, a reasonable weight estimation, choice of random effects model, the results show that the mother during pregnancy for vitamin D levels are negatively related with asthma in children or breathing, the research results and recent two high quality for clinical randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplements during pregnancy results are consistent, more persuasive. In addition, the research results of some data, after the original article, the author calculated separately, as this study provides a new valuable data, thus the results more reliable.

  As the corresponding author, Wan Yanping director said that vitamin D is a cheap and easy access to nutrients, which might be in the early human life programming and subsequent inflammation regulation has far-reaching significance, therefore attaches great importance to the mother during pregnancy vitamin D supplement, and regular monitoring of reasonable and it has deep clinical and social value.