Chen Jialun was awarded excellence prize on 17th international conference on endocrine

  Recently, the 17th international conference on endocrine (ICE) and the 15th Chinese endocrinology conference of Chinese medical association (CSE) held in Beijing. In the conference, the famous endocrinologist, ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor Chen Jialunwas awarded the excellence prize for his effort in endocrine society cooperation in international and China‘s long-term contribution.

  Chen Jialunsartedfrom the 50 s in internal medicine, endocrine metabolism epidemiology and combine traditional Chinese and western medicine research, his notice, and combining the basic theory and clinical practice, attach importance to the cultivation of the discipline construction and academic echelon, in pituitary - adrenal axis and thyroid axis and the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and other research has deep attainments. In order to promote China and the international exchange of endocrine and endocrine modern career, he has made great contributions.

  The Chinese academy of engineering, , vice President, ruijin hospital, professorNingguang,as this conference chairman, said at the meeting, that with the rapid growth of economy, China’s recent endocrine and metabolic diseases prevalence appears sharp increase, effective solution is needed. This session is by far the most controversial topic with solution, which shows important research progress of endocrinology, to spread advanced science and education, and to promote the international communication and discussion.