Shanghai Children’s Hospital passed HIMSS EMRAM six levels

  On October 29, HIMSS Analytics board panel on the children‘s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university, has HIMSS EMRAM six levels on-site review. The review team members include HIMSS Ana lytics health group - global vice President John Daniels and HIMSS Liu Jilan vice President and greater China President. In the process of the review, the board through view data, investigation, interviews, field visits and other ways of hospital information system construction and application situation were evaluated. Based on this, the expert panels confirmed the Shanghai children’s hospital HIMSS EMRAM six levels of requirements, as mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions existing home through HIMSS EMRAM six levels of hospitals. It is also the first hospital in east Asia to pass through this review.

  HIMSS full name “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society” (the national institute of medical Information and Management Systems), was founded in 1961, with headquartered in Chicago. It is one of the aims to promote global medical Information into nonprofit organizations, aiming to improve the level of medical Information technology. HIMSS Analytics is affiliated HIMSS wholly owned by the nonprofit organization, which is mainly responsible for according to HIMSS more set of evaluation criteria, the global informatization construction of medical institutions and evaluate the level of the application, and the analysis of the collected health related information, such as information technology processes and environment, products, information consumption, management method and the trend of medical treatment, etc. This facility also provides the needed for medical institutions and medical information industry market information, promote the application of information technology, improve patient safety and quality of medical services.

  Liu Jilandelivered congratulations to the Shanghai children‘s hospital six levels of review, she said: “from the Shanghai children’s hospital informationization for the children to the hospital security environment friendly warmth, fully reflects the patient-centered hospital management construction goal. Children with partial hospital information system integration platform for support, implementation of clinical information system, structured electronic medical records, mobile Internet, Internet + application as one of the wisdom of medical service system; The hospital also achieved continuity in advance, matter and afterwards control, transfer to medication, blood transfusion, infusion, surgery medical businesses such as closed loop process of in-depth reform, has realized the decision support of children with individual genetic testing and use of antibiotics, as well as supporting individual medical service, promoting drug safety. The system can support the latest clinical medical personnel real-time track and trace orders execution status, and implementation according to children‘s weight, age, individual differences to intelligent recommended dosage, and improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and medical treatment efficiency. The system can be achieved through internal and external resources integration, internal and external information sharing, the process of ascension to trace and medical control ability, convenient, greatly facilitate the patients and medical service demand.

  John Daniels, fully affirmed the achievement of the Shanghai children’s hospital informatization construction. he thought that the Shanghai children‘s hospital information system construction is very distinctive, especially according to the features of pediatric patients condition change fast, the linkage of the hospital by mobile nursing system and doctor workstation. It will allow the doctor to understand children, help doctors decide to continue medication, adjust the medication or adjust the dosage, as far as possible to reduce or avoid the occurrence of drug-induced diseases. Respiratory medicine for temperature change trend related to pathogen infection patients clinical inspection and antibiotics panorama very effective use of information integration. Panoramic view of the children’s hospital medical system has changed the traditional doctors succession, teaching mode, all-round, multi-angle intuitively show the patient‘s symptoms, medical information, image report and so on. The doctor new interoperability between mode is very impressive.

  The Shanghai children’s hospital dean guang-junyu said, the guideline of the construction of ”boutique hospital, hospital humanistic hospital, wisdom“ is three big hospital development strategy. The Shanghai children‘s hospital first passed the national connectivity standard conformance test level 4 in China, in the information standardization and integration platform construction in the go-ahead and clinical data center construction. For patient services, and strive to build the palm at children’s hospital, pioneered in WeChat register service number, booking, inspection report query and doctor-patient interaction, the implementation of one-stop pay, one-stop infusion, before clinical laboratory, optimize service process, improve service experience. Innovative development of the intelligent system by the bed, promoted in hospital patients for health education and doctor-patient interaction. In terms of clinical service, patients with early realized the domestic all-way around view, and the development and application for individualized pharmaceutical care and intelligent characteristic of clinical pathway, such as clinical decision support system, will promote the clinical quality of ascension.