The journal of International AIDS Society published online the research of Cai Yong from school of public health

  Cai Yong from Shanghai jiaotong university school of public health, cooperated with the Chinese university of Hong Kong, school of public health, and worked on Chinese transgender people as target for the first time. This paper expounds the Chinese transgender men who have sex with men crowd HIV/AIDS infection risk and high risk behavior, the latest research results, published online yesterday in the Journal of public health International famous on the International AIDS Society (impact factor 6.256).

  Transgender population (transgender people) usually refers to those who don‘t think their own gender and their birth was decided based on the reproductive organs and gender performance is consistent. China there is no research to get the number of the population, but according to the international level, a crowd of about 0.3% belong to the transgender. In China’s 1.3 billion people, there are about 4 million transgender population. As the crowd often on the brink of mainstream society, many male girl transgender because of severe employment discrimination, have to work towards sex industry. Foreign studies show that male girl transgender men who have sex with men has become one of the highest HIV infection rates of the crowd. According to a meta-analysis study abroad transgender men who have sex with men (mainly sex workers) of HIV infection rates as high as 27.3%, transgender men who have sex with men most admit their same-sex sexual orientation, many are also engaged in service work, male both gay sex with men, also dressed as women and heterosexual male sex, the contact people is wider, a greater risk of disease transmission.

  Cai Yong paid frontier attention to Chinese transgender people, for the first time in China, with 220 transgender men who have sex with men to carry out further epidemiological survey and they found that the population of HIV infection rate of more than 16%, the data is much higher than China men crowd HIV infection rate of 8-9%. 26.8% of the respondents admitted that happened in the past month unprotected MSM commercial behavior, and nearly half of the respondents have engaged in commercial sex experiences in other cities, the crowd of liquidity is bigger. Through multiple factors regression analysis found that the factors related to the unprotected commercial behavior mainly include self-efficacy of condom use, fear of male female identity was revealed, etc. To study and put forward under the background of China‘s HIV transmission behavior of male, transgender men who have sex with men’s HIV infection rate is higher, and spreading the risk bigger. Therefore suggest the need to strengthen health promotion strategies and measures, reduce the infection and spread the risk.

  Cai Yong is associate professor, from school of public health, Shanghai jiaotong University. He is the project leader. In 2012-2013, during the period of the Chinese university of Hong Kong, he was a visiting scholar. Vice President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, school of public health, with the help of non-governmental organizations (ngos), the design and implementation of the study. The authors of the paper contain the Chinese university of Hong Kong, school of public health partners, and professor Liu Dehui is the corresponding author.

  Cai Yong and his team always focus on “the high risk population of HIV/AIDS infection risk factors and social psychological behavior”, the results included in the women, men who have sex with men and women of the floating population type commercial actions carried out in a series of research, using structural equation statistical models such as social psychological factors of high-risk behavior were analyzed, and the SCI papers published more than 10 articles. On the basis of this thesis research, associate professor, Cai Yong in 2016 declared on national natural fund project “model based on IMB transgender men who have sex with men AIDS high-risk behavior intervention strategy research” to get funding, which will further study in Shanghai, Beijing and shenyang, Hong Kong, through the epidemiology and health statistics modeling, for transgender men who have sex with men of high-risk behavior intervention strategy provides the basis.