Delegation from Sydney University visited SJTUSM and held Sino-Australia forum

  On November 17-18, Sydney university school of medicine, the new dean Arthur Conigrave, vice President of the international communication Kirsty Foster, Joel Negin, dean of school of public health, Philayrath Phongsavan deputy dean, director of the global health affairs office Senice and scientists in the field of public health in Sydney representatives paid a visit to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicineheld Sino-Australia forum. Our dean, academician Chen guoqiang warmly accepted the delegation from Sydney university school of medicine.

  On November 17, Hu Yiqun, vice President of the school of medicine, public health, Wang Hui, dean of school of medicine scientific bureau, subject planning, international exchange in as well as headsfrom ruijin hospital, xinhua hospital held talks with Sydney delegation. During the talks, both sides reviewed the process and results of the two schools cooperation in 10 years, and exchanged views on cooperation in the future will. Ruijin hospital, xinhua hospital representatives of multi-center clinical research progress are introduced respectively. Sydney guests said the research content and the form of interest. They hoped to participate in the center of research. Subsequently, Sydney delegation wantedto attend the summer study program in 2016 basic medical college of public health prevention. Biomedical professional student representatives, and teachers also joined in the discussion, carefully listened to the led the teacher and the students‘ feedback opinion and the suggestion, as well as student summer travel project to gather information for the coming year. In the afternoon, the guests visited the ruijin hospital endocrine research institute, with a thorough understanding of the hospital library of biological samples. At the same time, they got access to the Putuo district center for disease control and prevention, discussion with center leadership. They listened to the focus of the center, and the two sides expressed willingness to chronic disease control cooperation in the future, then they had a visit to the residents’ health promotion science center “.

  The day after the activity, dean Chen guoqiang and deanArthur Conigrave made a series of communication. Dean Chen guoqiang highly praised in the past decade results of cooperation of two sides in the student exchanges, academic activities and scientific and technological cooperation which has made good progress. He expected thatProfessorArthur Conigrave at the university of Sydney medical school could on the basis of the existing cooperation, continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation, develop a new cooperation content, and break through the bottleneck, with the help of clinical center platform construction to strengthen clinical research collaboration. Chen guoqiang, dean of the proposal, had the relevant departments of both sides and docking. He intended to put forward a new cooperation direction. His enthusiasm allowed him to accept their invitation of a return visit to Sydney university school of medicine at appropriate time.

  On November 18, the ninth Sino-Australia forum with a theme of ”chronic disease control and prevention and health promotion“ was held in SJTUSM. Chen Hongzhuan, vice President of SJTUSM, especially attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. From the university of Sydney scientists at the institute of public health, school of medicine, public health experts from ruijin hospital, and the city center for disease control and prevention experts from non-communicable diseases prevention regulation and localization solutions bring the challenge to public health, high blood pressure/diabetes incidence of occupational diseases and the prevention and control, and worked on how to through social networking crowd health education and promote academic exchanges.

  Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, and Sydney university school of medicine have a history of 10 years of cooperation. The two sides cooperated in the student exchange, teacher training and scientific research cooperation and so on which have a good foundation and achievement. Sino-Australia forum take turns in the colleges and universities to carry out each year, and the next year‘s forum will be relocated to Sydney. Both sides are looking forward to having more fruitful results.