hanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine experimental animal facilities successfully passed AAALAC international assessment

  On November 18, Hokkaido university veterinary professor Takashi Agui, and Denmark Novo Nordisk pharmaceuticals group dr.liu jin accepted AAALAC International (the Association For Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International, AAALAC International certification organization, implementation of the on-site inspection in our Laboratory Animal facilities (AAALAC). Chen hongzhuan, vice President of the school of medicine, specially on behalf of the administrative department of the introduction of medical laboratory animal facilities construction and related management., introduced some details of these facilities.

  Dr Li Yao, assistant director of the laboratory animal science experimental animal breeding and using project and AAALAC certification introducedrelated preparatory work. Then  Chenxuejin, director of the laboratory animal science professor, deputy director, Dr Li Yao, Dr xing Fengyingand TuZehua answered specific questions such as teacher, medical laboratory animal management and use committee (IACUC) members and experts on animal welfare, experimental animals project audit and related problemsdiscussed in this paper. Patrol in facilities, experts in laboratory animal science department all the animals breeding and ancillary facilities equipment has carried on the detailed inspections, and puts forward some valuable Suggestions. In the final documentation and records review link, the experts carefully reviewed the experimental animals all the operation procedures and related rules and regulations, and spot check on some experimental study plan, think file review content completely meets AAALAC international certification standards. Ding Jianqing, director of science and technology development,  niweijie, director of the medical school, professor chengjinke and all the members of the IACUC were present for on-site inspection work.

  AAALAC international is an authoritative assessment and certification of animal breeding and use the standard international agency.It requires that the humanity in the field of biological sciences, medicine, science, to treat animals. In order to guarantee and promote the quality of animal experiments, the United States food and drug administration (FDA) and European Community strongly recommend in AAALAC accreditation of laboratory animal experiment. Our international AAALAC accreditation of laboratory animal facilities work got medical school leadership and related departments concerned about and support, laboratory animal science the joint efforts of all staff. Before the on-site inspection, Chen hongzhuan, vice President of the related functional department in the related work in deployment, ensured the site inspection smoothly. As Shanghai‘s first pass AAALAC international on-site inspection of the laboratory animal facilities in colleges and universities, to vigorously promote the effectiveness of the department of biomedical and pharmaceutical research and normative, fulfill commitment, humanitarian care animals really promote the construction of first-class medical school for SJTUSM.