International top journal Circulation online published multicenter achievements of congenital heart diseases from Shanghai children's medical center

  Recently, The Shanghai children‘s medical center affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, Chen Huiwen from the department of heart surgery conducted multi-center clinical research achievements of 768 cases of complete research on strategy of diagnosis and treatment of Pulmonary vein ectopic drainage of (Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection: The Current Management Strategies in A Pediatric Cohort of 768 Patients), published online in The field of cardiovascular authoritative journal Circulation. The impact factor is 17.047 points. The study will help TAPVC precise preoperative diagnosis and intraoperative surgical planning. According to the retrieval, the study is the first time in the congenital heart disease surgery about complex congenital heart disease in the journal of the multi-center clinical research.

  Congenital heart disease is a congenital malformation of the highest incidence of birth defects in our country, and surgical rectifying governance is a critical modalityof congenital heart diseases which are the main effective treatment approach. Completeness Pulmonary vein ectopic drainage (Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection, TAPVC) is one of the representative of the complex congenital heart disease in acute diseases, the incidence of congenital heart disease, 1-3% without surgical intervention. About 80% of the patients died within 1 year after birth. Because of the children born namely incidence, pathological anatomy is complicated, on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease on behalf of the overall level of a country.

  The cardiac surgery department of Shanghai children’s medical center, Chen Huiwen and his research team worked with guangdong province people‘s hospital, which lasted more than two years, 768 cases of children with the disease.Part of the risk distribution function model, competition risk, Cox model for the study of system were retrospectively analyzed. According to the paper corresponding author, directorChen Huiwen, this is by far the largest in Asia, the world’s second biggest TAPVC multi-center clinical research, for diagnosis and treatment of the disease in China and puts forward some effective strategies. Especially on diagnosis of CT examination is a kind of reasonable, simple, fast and economic method of preoperative diagnosis and proves that the clear anatomical characteristics, the reasonable design scheme of treatment effect has an important value and significance. At the same time, the research at home and abroad for the first time review and comparative analysis of the traditional operation and wireless suture technique (sutureless technique), for children with preoperative existence obstruction, reduce postoperative pulmonary vein restenosis rate on the advantages of, and found the little age children, heart type of TAPVC, hybrid TAPVC and preoperative pulmonary vein backflow obstruction of children is the independent risk factors of perioperative death.

  Circulation is the American Heart Association, American Heart Association, the AHA), the international field of cardiovascular top academic journals, direction and guidance of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. As editor of introduction, the study helps TAPVC accurate preoperative diagnosis and intraoperative surgical planning. Suggesting that the Shanghai children‘s medical center has reached the international advanced level in the field of diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease surgery.

  The team members include: Shanghai children’s medical center ShiGuoCheng, and ZhuZhongQun. Zhuang Jianfrom guangdong province people‘s hospital and Chen Huiwen from Shanghai children’s medical center and the guangdong province people‘s hospital are common corresponding authors. The research work has received“five-year plan”, the state national natural science foundation of China, Shanghai municipal science and technology commission and Shanghai municipal health and family planning commission and other subjects.