SJTUSM received Huaxia medical sicence awards for major achievements

  On November 26th morning, huaxia medical science award conference, for 2015, 2016, was held in national convention center in Beijing. SJTUSM made significant gains. Liu Yingbin from Xinhua Hospital led the invasion and metastasis of gallbladder model building and molecular mechanism research “project with the first prize in the Chinese medical science in 2016. In 2015 SJTUSM received annual harvests of 5 second prizes, 4 third prizes. In 2016, SJTUSM won 4 second prizes 2 third prizes and 1 science prize.

  Chinese medical science is sponsored by the China council for the promotion of health care international communication establishment and, by the national science and technology awards office on February 25, 2008, by the social forces for the national medical health industry science and technology awards, designed to reward in the field of medical science and technology independent innovation application and applied basic research and industrialization of achievement of science and technology research, have made outstanding contribution to the collective and individual.

  Gallbladder bile duct system is the most common malignant tumor, has low resection rate, postoperative recurrence, transfer and lack of effective means of adjuvant therapy, the incidence of a disease with the progress of national life level and rising year by year, with the increase of incidence of gallstone disease has become the new ”king“ in cancer. By the research team, led by professor parma long-term commitment to the invasion and metastasis of gallbladder machine systemic research. In gallbladder animal model building, high gallbladder metastasis potential cell lines to build, invasion and metastasis of gallbladder related molecular mechanism research and gallbladder auxiliary treatment to explore a series of achievements, relevant research results were published 45 papers, SCI article, 24 single highest cited more than 90 times. The objective of the research results to fill the gaps in the field of international and domestic relevant, for the further development of gallbladder related research and explore new way of diagnosis and treatment of provides an important support, to improve the prognosis of patients with malignant disease diagnosis and treatment level and has an important significance.

  The second prizes of Chinese medical science in 2015 project are: projects led by yi-ran huang Renji hospital affiliated ”kidney cancer treatment establishment and application of key technologies“, xinhua hospital affiliated wu Hao led ”acoustic neuroma treatment strategies and basic research and clinical application of minimally invasive surgery technology“, led by ruijin hospital Zheng Minhua ”minimally invasive ultra-low rectal cancer anal surgery establishment and clinical application of key technologies“, led by ruijin hospital jian-hua tong ”blood system of malignant tumor occurrence function of genes related to signal transduction pathways and key research“ and led by ruijin hospital chun-di xu ”chronic gastrointestinal diseases in children basic and clinical research. Third prize in 2015 for Chinese medical science of the project are: xinhua hospital affiliated pei-quan zhao led by “the surgical treatment of complex vitreous retinal disease”, the first people‘s hospital affiliated wei-jie yuan led “parathyroid hormone on the impact of residual renal function in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) biological mechanisms and clinical intervention”, tongren hospital affiliated ai-wu Mao, led the new development of intracavitary bracket and technology application promotion “as well as the ninth people’s hospital affiliated xiao-feng tao, led by the” new technology of CT and MRI in the clinical application of head and neck diseases series research “.

  The second prize of Chinese medical science in 2016 project are: ruijin hospital ji-guang wang led the clinical application of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ruijin hospital affiliated zhong-min wang led ”tumor radiation biological effect and clinical application“, affiliated first people‘s hospital, led by the king of the imaging technology used in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and meningeal metastases innovation strategy and its clinical value ”and the ninth people’s hospital affiliated jing-ping liang led“ oral microbes, periodontal disease pathogenesis mechanism of inflammatory factors with tooth research ”. Third prize in 2016 for Chinese medical science of the project are: Shanghai children‘s medical center affiliated Li Fen led “congenital left ventricular outflow tract disease pathogenesis and individualized precise diagnosis and treatment of integrated study” and the ninth people’s hospital affiliated Wu Yiqun led “in patients with severe atrophy with maxillary defect implant prosthesis key technological system of creation and application”. In addition, the mental health center affiliated Xie Bin led “city key crowd psychological health promotion action” won the award for popular science.