Shanghai children's medical center and Shanghai joint collaborative innovation center

  On December 2, the translational medicine “basis and clinical metabonomics laboratory”from Shanghai children‘s medical center affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine and Shanghai joint collaborative innovation center was formally established. Chen hong, vice President of the Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, specialized, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of biochemistry and cell biology hsu kuo-liang academician, etc for the newly established lab.

  Chen Hongzhuan, vice President of the center in recent years has made a series of new development and new achievements, and eager to the hospital to the liquid spectrum platform configuration and the international first-class technical talents as an opportunity to make persistent efforts, vigor, make contributions to development of China’s new children‘s health. Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, the loyalty of instrument in his speech, deep feeling a retrospect of the hospital began in 2009 the hard course of “second venture” into the results obtained since the establishment of the institute of medicine, and argues that the establishment of metabonomics laboratory is perfect hospital scientific research platform system, enhance the level of scientific research, important deployment of accelerating major scientific and technological achievements, as well as the Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine in metabonomics platform construction to extend my sincere thanks for valuable help.

  It was set up after the ceremony, with a “based on scientific research and clinical application of mass spectrometry technology seminar”, from the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai jiaotong university, fudan university, Shanghai, nanjing medical university dean medical institute and the Shanghai children‘s medical center hospital experts and scholars made a wonderful academic report, more than 100 scientific research and clinical researchers from all over the world attended the opening ceremony and seminars.

  As is known to all, today’s mass spectrometry technology is developing rapidly in China and the world, has been widely used in mechanism of disease, drug research and development, the environmental toxicology, clinical nutrition related metabonomics research, genetic metabolic disease in the newborn screening, such as hormone detection has been widely used in clinical. In recent years, mass spectrometry technology combination of metabonomics associated with cancer development is also very quickly. How tumor pathological process from the Angle of metabolic research small molecule metabolites change rule, this will be for the pathogenesis of tumor to clarify, early diagnosis and individualized treatment, and prognosis judgement has important significance.

  Newly established Shanghai children‘s medical center in basic and clinical metabonomics laboratory will make full use of the triple quadrupole and Oribtrap - Q - Exactive - Plus the first-class equipment superiority, such as the international top, introduced in the laboratory and the cooperation unit of talent advantage and specialized subject hospital clinical resource advantage, will focus on the blood cancer, genetic and metabolic disease, congenital malformations in areas such as collaborative innovation research, and mass spectrum technique in genetic metabolic disease screening of newborn babies, vitamin/hormone testing, microbial rapid diagnosis of clinical application, strive to China academy of scientific research and clinical technology development and make more contributions.