Dr Sun Xiaoming from the department of Plastic Surgery Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital published high-IF article online

  On Nov. 2, Dr Sun Xiaoming from the department of Plastic Surgery Shanghai Ninth People‘s Hospital published high-IF article online in international journal of Advanced Functional Materials (impact factor 11.382) published an article about promote any flap vascularized by biological Materials, through to develop a three-dimensional scaffolds build blood vessels of the micro/nano water gel, in situ rapid random flap vascular reconstruction and accelerate skin flap repair. According to the statistics, published the article Advanced Functional Materials, is currently the domestic field of reconstructive surgery, works articles published in the journal the highest impact factor journals. His instructor is Zhang Yuguang, reconstructive surgery chief physician.

  Any skin flap is one of the most commonly used plastic surgery clinic flap form, but as a result of the limitation of aspect ratio as well as the local or systemic metabolic disease, postoperative necrosis of the tip would happen, which affects its clinical application. How to improve the blood supply to ensure that the transition can even cut out beyond skin flap has been a plastic surgery is an important research direction. This research firstly build give a kind of can light crosslinking gelatin hydrogel biodegradable biomedical material, further by electrostatic spinning technology to build water gel fiber scaffolds. Hydrogel micro/nano fiber scaffold in the water environment with three dimensional network structure of micro/nano fiber scaffold, can fully simulate extracellular matrix structure, help cells stick to echo the growth; In addition, both flexible characteristics of the hydrogel and keep nutrition, thus is advantageous to the growth of endothelial cells on the scaffolds of three-dimensional, to realize the 3 d scaffolds vascularization build.

  The study provides for improving clinical random skin flap survival this paper proposes with a new concept and method treatment, which is expected to solve the problem of random flap tip necrosis in the future.