Professor Chen Zhu was awarded The Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize

  On December 5th in The United States The San Diego convention center 13:30 local time, The American society of hematology (ASH) presented The Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize, awards toprofessor Chen Zhu from Shanghai institute of hematology, ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university, and Paris saint Louis hospital Hugues de Thé.

  The Ernest Beutler section and Prizeon ASH former President Ernest Beutler‘s name, The award recognition have achieved significant progress in The study of translational medicine, under The same topic is composed of two parts of speech, The winner an introduction to basic scientific progress, another clinical and translational medicine science achievements.

  This year’s Ernest Beutler section and Prize awarded professor Chen Zhu and Hugues DE The professor due to their young granulocyte leukemia (APL) in acute early prominent achievements in basic and clinical research. Acute early young granulocyte leukemia was a kind of very dangerous, high mortality rates of malignant blood diseases. Professor Chen team application all trans retinoic acid (ATRA) and arsenic trioxide (ATO) on acute myelocytic leukemia for joint target therapy, early make the disease more than five years of disease-free survival rate jumped to 90%, reach the standard basic “cure”. It reveals the ATRA and at the same time, the molecular mechanism of the arsenic agent is applied to acute early young how to respectively granulocyte leukemia pathogenic molecular PML/RAR alpha, the leukemia cell differentiation and apoptosis, thus achieve the purpose of disease treatment. This is a real combination of clinical medicine and basic biology research, is a traditional eastern medicine and western medicine combined with the model of opens the conversion therapy in malignant blood disease of important chapter. ASH meeting Daily News (News Daily) praised the work is “experiment table to clinical translational medicine heritage and framework of the concept of achievement”.

  Professor Chen gave a speech after accepting the medal, introduced by the Chinese scholars lead clinical combined use of ATRA and arsenic agent for use in acute promyelocytic leukemia patients in each stage of development, ongoing conceptual design innovation and optimization of the process of clinical trial scheme, emphasized the idea and practice traditional Chinese medicine in leukemia treatment aspect the important enlightenment, based on the modern molecular cell and the overall level of the system of the clinical application of research results, and China and the us and Europe and other large multicenter clinical study of the latest achievements. Results show that ATRA and arsenic agent with targeted therapy in low/critical sex early young granulocyte leukemia patients, more than 95% of the available long-term disease-free survival, without application of chemotherapy.

  At the same time, professor Chen zhu, reduce acute mortality earlier young granulocyte leukemia patients and early recognition and intervention in the high-risk easy relapse patients, is still a long way to go work in the future. Acute early young granulocyte leukemia synergy targeted therapy as accurate medical paradigm should be combined with a set up and improve the system of universal health care, the relevant research results to the countries all over the world, including developing countries, and to benefit more patients. Marketing the paradigm of mutual transformation between clinical and basic successful experience, will certainly to promote in the breakthrough in the field of other malignant blood disease research.

  Professor Chen as the member of Chinese academy of sciences, foreign academician of the national academy of sciences and the American academy of medical sciences, foreign member of the royal society, France academy of sciences, foreign academicians, developing national academy of sciences, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor, ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor. The 12th session of the standing committee of the National People‘s Congress vice chairman, chairman of the central committee of the Chinese peasants’ and workers‘ Democratic Party and the Red Cross society of China, Europe and the United States society, President of association of Chinese students studying abroad. He has repeatedly won the international prizes on blood tumors.