A delegation from the Swedish University of Carolinska visited the SJTU School of Medicine

A delegation of 9 members from University of Carolinska, Sweden, visited the SJTU School of Medicine on March 26-27, 2012. The delegation was headed by Clara Gumpert, deputy chancellor in charge of international exchanges, and included Prof. Rune Fransson, director of the Department of Innovative Facilities, Prof. Jorgen Nordenstrom, who is in charge of exchange students programs, Prof. Anders Zetterberg, university affairs’ advisor, and Ms. Luni Chen, senior scientific advisor from the Swedish Embassy.

During the 2-day visit, hosts and guests briefed each other on their respective situations concerning pedagogical systems, curricula, student exchange programs, graduate programs, teaching and research in the specialty of nursing, etc. After that, the two sides held discussions on how to carry out all-round cooperation, including exchange programs of students majoring in clinical medicine and nursing, jointly-sponsored graduate programs, cooperative research programs in the fields of oncology, stem cells, degenerative neurological diseases, etc. Discussions were also held on the preparatory work concerning the upcoming symposium on transformational medicine to be jointly sponsored later this year. Both sides agreed, on the basis of communications and consultations, that short student exchange programs would be started officially next year. Besides, upon learning that the SJTU School of Medicine would celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding in the coming October, Swedish side gladly accepted the invitation to send a delegation in celebration of the grand occasion.

On the second day of the visit, the delegation had a meeting with 16 experts of the SJTU School of Medicine representing the College of Basic Medical Sciences, Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital, and Xinhua Hospital. The Chinese experts briefed the Swedish friends on the progress they were making in scientific research, and gave their ideas about possible cooperation with University of Carolinska. The delegation promised to bring the information and ideas provided by the Chinese side back to their colleagues, hoping that “congenial partners” could be found and matched to promote cooperation in scientific research, mutual visits by gradual students, and training for young professionals.

President Chen Guoqiang and Deputy President Huang Gang entertained the guests separately, expressing warm welcome to the guests. Both side agreed to jointly apply for international cooperative programs granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In September, 2011, a delegation of 14 members from University of Carolinska, which was headed by President Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, visited the SJTU School of Medicine, and attended the First Bilateral Symposium on the Frontiers of Transformational Medicine and concurrently the Initiation Ceremony Officially Opening the Sino-Swedish Cooperative Base for the Development of Science and Technology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, within the framework of which both sides intended to build a research center for jointly developing transformational medicine.

In November, 2011, President Chen Guoqiang returned the visit as head of the delegation representing the SJTU School of Medicine, and signed an agreement for all-round cooperation, with Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Gong at the site.

The cooperation between the two sides received much attention and generous support from the Ministries of Science and Technology of both countries. The current visit by University of Carolinska will play a substantial role in putting into effect the agreement for all-round cooperation and give both sides reasons for optimistic expectations.

Responsible members from the Department of Scientific Research, Dean’s Office, the Graduate School, College of Nursing, the President’s Office, and the Department of International Exchange participated in the reception.