PhD Supervisors atShanghai Institute of Hypertension

Name:  Gao Pingjin
Title: Professor
Department: Internal Medicine(Cardiovascular Disease)Biochemistry and MolecularBiology
Research Interest: Detection and recognization of hypertension-related genes and studyon vascular function
Institute: Shanghai Instituteof Hypertension
Tel:  86-21-64370045*610903 



Name:  Wang Jiguang 
Title: Professor
Department: Internal Medicine(Cardiovascular Disease)
Research Interest: Clinicaltrial and population study on hypertension
Institute:  ShanghaiInstitute of Hypertension
Tel: 86-21-64370045*610911



Name:  Chu Shaoli 
Title: Professor
Department: Internal Medicine(Cardiovascular Disease) 
Research Interest:Preventionof the vascular lesion of hypertension
Institute: ShanghaiInstitute of Hypertension
Tel: 86-21-64370045*610903