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In terms ofbasic education, Chemistry Department offers various undergraduateand graduate courses in chemical basis of life for clinicalmedicine and its related programs. The current research fields ofthe department focus on the isolation and identification ofbioactive constituents from Chinese herbal medicine, synthesis oftheir analogs, study on structure-activity relationship, new drugdiscoveries, and theoretical and experimental research of chiraldrugs. It has 15 staff members including 7 professors and associateprofessors, 5 lecturers.Now, the department is the leading unit inthe professional society of medical chemistry in national wide, andthe Shanghai municipal key discipline of medicinalchemistry.



Name: LuYang
Title: Professor
Subject: MedicinalChemistry
Research Interest: Chemistryand pharmacology of natural products; Chemical biology of naturaland synthesized small molecules with bioactivity forneurodegenerative diseases; Pharmacology of traditional Chinesemedicines