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Curriculum Vitae of Chen Guoqiang



Chen Guoqiang

Citizenship:  People’sRepublic ofChina

Address: Department ofPathophysiology

Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine

No. 280,Chong Qing Rd. (S)Shanghai, 200025 P. R. China

Telephone:  86-21-64154900 or 86-21-63846590 *776573

Fax: 86-21-64154900




Vice dean,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Director, KeyLaboratory of Cell Differentiationand  Apoptosis,Ministry of Education, China

Director,Div. Cancer Functional Genomics, Health Science Center,ChineseAcademy of Sciences



HengyangMedical College, Hunan, China,Medicine(Bachelor)1980-1985

ShanghaiSecond Medical University, China,Pathophysiology(M.D.)1985-1988

ShanghaiSecond Medical University, China,Hematology(Ph.D.)1993-1996



Assistant andinstructor, Department of Pathophysiology andInstitute ofCardiovascularDisease, Hengyang Medical College(presently calledNan HuaUniversity, Hunan Province,China)1988.7-1993.8 

Assistant,associate and full professor, Shanghai Institute ofHematology, RuiJin Hospital, Shanghai Second Medical University(presently calledShanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine,China)1996.7-1999.9

Visitingscholar, Institute of Hematology, Saint-Louis Hospital,Paris,France1997.6-1997.12

Visitingassistant professor, Dept. of Medicine, Mount-SinaiMedical Center,New York, USA,1999.9-2001.8

Professor anddeputy director, Shanghai Institute of Hematology,Rui Jin Hospital,ShanghaiSecond Medical University, 2001.8-2002.5

Professor anddirector, Division of Functional Genomics of Cancer,Institute ofHealthSciences, Shanghai Institutes for BiologicSciences,ChineseAcademy of Sciences/Shanghai SecondMedicalUniversity,2001.8-present

Chairman,Dept. of Pathophysiology, Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversitySchoolofMedicine, 2002.5-2008.11

Director, KeyLaboratory of Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis,MinistryofEducation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School ofMedicine,China,2005.7-Present

Vice dean,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine2006.7-Present



Hypoxia-induced leukemic cell differentiation and therole ofHIF-1aprotein

Regulation ofPLSCR1 gene expression and the role inleukemiccelldifferentiation

NSC606985 andarsenic trioxide-induced apoptosis in leukemiccells

Biologicalfunction of translocation (8;21)-generatedAML1-ETOfusionprotein

Leukemic cellproteomics



Member,American Society of Hematology (2006)

Member,American Society of Molecular Biology&Biochemistry(2005)

Associatedirector, Shanghai Society of Physiology (2006)

Member, boardof directors of Shanghai BiologicalInformationSociety(2003)

Member, boardof directors of Shanghai Biochemistry Society(2002)

Member, boardof directors of Chinese AssociationofPathophysiology(2006)



AssociateChief Editor, Chinese Journal of Cancer (AI ZHENG)(1999)

AssociateChief Editor, Acta Physiologica Sinica(SHENG LIXUEBAO)(2005)

AssociateChief Editor, International J Pathology andClinicalMedicine(2005)

Editor,Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapy (2002)

Editor,Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment(2003)



1997 Outstanding Youth by National Natural ScienceFoundationofChina

1997 Shanghai Scientific and Technological ProgressPrizeClass I byShanghai


2000 National Nature Science Prize Class II by ChineseCentralGovernment

2000 Dupont Innovation Award by Chinese Ministry of ScienceandTechnology

2001 100-talent Program by Chinese Academy ofSciences

2002 Ten Top Youths of Shanghai Municipality

2002 Chief Scientist of the key program of Basic Research byChineseMinistry of Science and Technology

2003 Outstanding Figure in Science by Shanghai Science andTechnologyCommittee

2004 Model Worker in Shanghai by ShanghaiMunicipalGovernment

2004 Chinese Youth Science and Technology Prize by ChineseScienceand  Technology Committee

2004 First prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technologyby Shanghaibranch of Chinese Medical Association

2005 Top Talent for Science and Technology by ShanghaiAssociation ofScience and Technology

2005 Model Worker in China by Chinese Government

2005 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Prize Class I byChineseMedical Association

2005 Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress PrizeClass I byShanghai Municipal Government

2005 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology prize- Class Iby Shanghaibranch of Chinese Medical Association

2008 Shanghai Natural Science Prize Class I by ShanghaiMunicipalGovernment

2008 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Prize Class I byShanghaibranch of Chinese Medical Association


PUBLICATIONS (2006 till 2009.3):

1.        Zheng Y,Wang LS,XiaL, Han YH, Liao SH, Wang XL, Cheng JK, Chen GQ.NDRG1isdownregulated in the early apoptotic event inducedbycamptothecinanalogs: the potential role in proteolyticactivationof PKCd andapoptosis. Proteomics, 2009, in pressIF=5.497

2.        Zhao M, DuanXF, LuY,Liu W, Cheng JK, Chen GQ. Protein kinaseCdstimulatesproteasome-dependent degradation of C/EBPαduringapoptosisinduction of leukemic cells. PlosONE, 2009, inpress(new journal)

3.        Liao SH,Zhao XY,HanYH, Zhang J, Wang LS, Xia L, Zhao KW, Zheng Y, Guo M,ChenGQ.Proteomics-based identification of two novel directtargetsofhypoxia-inducible facotor-1 and their potentialrolesinhypoxia-induced migration/invasion of cancer cells.Proteomics,2009, in press IF=5.497

4.        Yuan TT,Huang Y,ZhouCX, Yu Y, Wang LS, Chen GQ. Nuclear translocationofdihydrofolatereductase is a novel and specific marker ofDNAdamage-inducedapoptosis. Apoptosis, 2009, in pressIF=3.043

5.        Zhang J,Song LP,HuangY, Zhao Q, Zhao KW, Chen GQ. Accumulationofhypoxia-induciblefactor-1{alpha} protein and its role inthedifferentiation ofmyeloid leukemic cells induced byall-transretinoic acid. Haematologica. 2008;93(10):1480-1487IF=5.516

6.        Xu YB,ZhangJ,Segal-Bendirdjian E, Wu YL, ChenGQ.Hypoxia-induciblefactor-1a-independent decrease of telomeraseplaysa key role incobalt chloride-induced apoptosis of myeloidleukemiccells. TheOpen Hematology J. 2008; 2:63-69(newjournal)

7.        Lu Y, PengZG, YuanTT,Yin QQ, Xia L, Chen GQ. Multi-sites cleavageofleukemogenicAML1-ETO fusion protein by caspase-3 anditscontribution toincreased apoptotic sensitivity. Leukemia. 2008; 22:378-386 IF=6.924

8.        Peng ZG,Zhou MY,HuangY, Qiu JH, Wang LS, Liao SH, Dong S, Chen GQ.Physicalandfunctional interaction of Runt-related protein1withhypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha. Oncogene. 2008 27:839-847 IF=6.44

9.        Song LP,Zhang J,WuSF, Huang Y, Zhao Q, Cao JP, Wu YL, Wang LS,ChenGQ.Hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha-induced differentiationofmyeloidleukemic cells is its tranional activityindependent. Oncogene. 2008; 27, 519–527IF=6.44

10.    Yang L, Jiang Y, Wu SF, Zhou MY, WuYL,ChenGQ. CCAAT/enhancer binding protein{alpha}antagonizestranional activity of hypoxia induciblefactor-1{alpha} withdirect protein-protein interaction. Carcinogenesis.2008;29(2):291-298  IF=5.406

11.    Yan H, Wang YC, Li D, Wang Y, LiuW, WuYL,Chen GQ. Arsenic trioxide and proteasomeinhibitorbortezomibsynergistically induce apoptosis in leukemiccells: therole ofprotein kinase Cdelta. Leukemia.2007;21(7):1488-95. IF=6.924

12.    Yu Y, Wang LS, Shen SM, Xia L,Zhang L,ZhuYS, Chen GQ. Subcellular Proteome Analysis ofCamptothecinAnalogueNSC606985-Treated Acute Myeloid Leukemic Cells.J ProteomeRes. 2007;6(9):3808-3818. IF=5.675

13.    Xu M, Li D, Lu Y, ChenGQ.LeukemogenicAML1-ETO fusion protein increases carcinogen-DNAadductformationwith upregulated expression of cytochrome P450-1A1gene. ExpHematol. 2007;35(8):1249-1255. IF=3.147

14.    Liu W, Zhu YS, Guo M, Yu Y,ChenGQ.Therapeutic efficacy of NSC606985, a novel camptothecinanalog,ina mouse model of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Leuk Res.2007;31(11):1565-1574. IF=2.561

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17.    Li X, Xu YB, Wang Q, Lu Y, Zheng Y,WangYC,Lubbert M, Zhao KW, Chen GQ. Leukemogenic AML1-ETOfusionproteinupregulates expression of connexin 43: the roleinAML1-ETO-induced growth arrest in leukemic cells. J Cell Physiol.2006;208(3):594-601. IF=3.643

18.    Huang Y, Zhao Q, Zhou CX, Gu ZM, LiD, XuHZ,Wiedmer T, Sims PJ, Zhao KW, Chen GQ. Antileukemic rolesofhumanphospholipid scramblase 1 gene, evidencefrominduciblePLSCR1-expressing leukemic cells. Oncogene.2006;25(50):6618-6627. IF=6.44

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20.    Guo M, Song LP, Jiang Y, Liu W, YuY, ChenGQ.Hypoxia-mimetic agents desferrioxamine and cobaltchlorideinduceleukemic cell apoptosis throughdifferenthypoxia-induciblefactor-1alpha independent mechanisms.Apoptosis.2006;11(1):67-77. IF=3.043

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