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Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine is oneof the key universities in China that enroll overseas students. Itadmits both scholarship students recommended by the ChinaScholarship Council and non-scholarship students for undergraduate,postgraduate, Ph.D., and advanced studies.

Admission  Information
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (former ShanghaiSecond Medical University) is one of the key universities thatenroll overseas students in China. It admits not only scholarshipstudents recommended by the China Scholarship Council, but alsonon-scholarship for undergraduates, postgraduates, Ph.D., advancedstudies, and Chinese language studies.
With 50 years of rapid development, the school has become astate-of-the-art medical school consisting of almost alldisciplines, a strong faculty, remarkable academic achievements,and comprehensively developed clinical teaching and researchfacilities. Situated in the center of city, (on Chongqing NanRoad)near the famous commercial street Huai Hai Road, the schoolencompasses 360,157.09 m2 of the land.
The whole school system includes 18 colleges such as Basic MedicalCollege and Clinical Medical College, 7 affiliated generalhospitals and 15 teaching hospitals. There are 2 seven-yearprograms (master degrees), 9 undergraduate programs. There are48postgraduate specialties, 56 doctoral specialties and4post-doctoral research positions. There are 206 supervisors fordoctoral students, 571 supervisors for postgraduate students. Sinceits establishment, the school has produced 27,000 graduates. It hasformed a complete educational system for postgraduate studies,undergraduate programs, adults and continuing education and foreignstudent education.
The school began to admit foreign students in 1967 and establishedinter-collegiate relations with 61 schools from 19 countries in theworld. It trained the students to become talented medical personaland promoted the development of school in all aspects. TheInternational Students Office (Foreign Students Office) is underthe leadership of the school authorities responsible for admissionand administration for internationalstudents.


Specialties for Application
1.Bachelor's Degree (5 years)
 a. Clinical Medicine
 b. Stomatology
2.Master's Degree (3 years)
3.Doctor’s Degree (3 years)
4.Advance course (according to the studyprogram)


1.Prerequisite for Admission
 Degree Programs:

(1) Bachelor's Degree:
 a. Academic record equivalent to Chinese high-school
 b. Under 25 years old and be in good health
 c. Applicant form
 d. Marks of high school should meet the university's entrancerequirement
 e. The certificates should be well examined
 f. HSK (Chinese language level examination for foreigners) gradeCat the elementary level

(2) Master's Degree:
 a. Academic record equivalent to Chinese undergraduate
 b. Under 40 years old and be in good health
 c. Two letters of recommendation from two professors or associateprofessors
 d. Be thoroughly examined your certificates
 e. Pass all of your examinations

(3) Doctor’s Degree
 a. Academic record equivalent to Chinese master’s degree
 b. Under 45 years old and be in good health
 c. Two letters of recommendation from two professors or associateprofessors
 d. Certificates will be examined before admission
 e. Pass all of your examinations


Non-Degree Programs:
 (1) Advanced Training Program: Those who are under 45 years old,in good health, graduated from medical school, and providing thecorresponding school reports.

2. Application Procedures
Anyone who wishes to study at the school, please contact theInternational Students Office directly and ask for or download anApplication Form for Admissions and Physical Examination Record forForeigner from the website of the school. After being fullycompleted, the Application Form for Admissions along with yourcorresponding documents
 *Photocopy of the passport,
 *Photocopy of the high middle school graduation certificate andstudy trans are to be submitted to the InternationalStudents     Office by Air Mail in the time forapplication.
  International Students Office of Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity School of Medicine will review the above documents. Thequalified applicants should
  *Provide a photocopy of a Physical Examination Record forForeigners and Blood Test Report
  *Provide a certificate of financial support
  *Provide a photocopy of certificate of HSK
  *Send registration fee 410RMB to the school
International Students Office will send to the successfulcandidates the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study inChina (Table JW202). The successful candidates can apply for astudent visa (X visa) in the Chinese embassy and should report tothe school at the time specified in the Admission Notice andregister at the school before the semesterbegins.


* Application Procedures

*Application Form for Admissions

 *Physical Examination Record forForeigner


1. Tuition Fee
  * Bachelor degree: 29000RMB/one year.
  * Master’s degree: 37000RMB/one year.
  * Doctoral degree: 45500RMB/one yearr.
  *Advanced Training Program:
  In English 3700RMB/each month.
  In Chinese 2900RMB/each month.
2. Registration Fee: 410RMB.
3. Accommodation:
  Ordinary Double Room: 41RMB/per day or
            80RMB/per day.


1. Foreign students (degree-program) have lessons in Chinesetogether with native students. One year of Chinese courses isneeded for those without certain mastery of Chinese.
2. Students will pay food, medical service, travels, books, HSKtuition and repeat courses etc. at his own expenses.
3. The expenses are required to pay byRMB.


Director:  Zhang Chengkang
Tel:  86-21-63847078

Address:  227 South Chongqing Rd.,Shanghai,200025,   P.R.of China