Key Laboratory of Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis, Ministry of Educ ..  [09-11-04]
  The Key Laboratory for Functional Genomics and Disease-related Genomic ..  [09-11-04]
  State R&D Center of Tissue Engineering  [09-11-04]
  State Key Laboratory of Oncogenes and Related Genes  [09-11-04]
  State Key Laboratory ofMedical Genomics  [09-11-04]
  Shanghai Institute of Diabetes  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute of Digestive Surgery  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofHematology  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofImmunology  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofLung Tumor Clinical Center  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofMental Health  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofMedical Genetics  [09-11-03]
  Shanghai Institute ofMicrosurgery of Extremities  [09-11-03]